12 Month Loans for Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score, you might not think that you can be approved for a bank loan. You might have gone through a series of banks, who all ask the same questions, to get the same information out of you and to all then decline your application. The generic bank application process is not designed to be flexible for customers with bad credit. The bank managers no longer make a decision for you, instead they punch numbers into a computer which will tell them exactly what to say. They are nearly useless.

When you are shopping around for a loan, you will look at various options. You’ll know nearly exactly how much money you need to borrow. What you wont know is how long you will need to make the repayments for. If it’s just a small amount, you can easily make a few hundred pounds a month for 12 months and the long could be completed before you even know it.bad credit

There are some great 12 month loans for bad credit, which are very accessible for every person who applies. The loan will be designed to ease the financial issue you face. Allow you an appropriate amount of time to make your repayment and then to move on with your life. The loan will be complete within the year, meaning that you are not paying off a loan over a five year period.

12 month loans for bad credit rating check have been specifically designed to help people like you. They do not have the same entry requirements as a standard bank loan. You will not even have to go into a bank to be approved. The whole application can be conducted and finalised online, saving you the embarrassment of having to walk into the bank and leaving empty handed, without the required loan.

Even if you have suffered from bad credit, there is a 12 month loan that is available to you. Do you require consolidation loans to consolidate your outgoings try an easy loan today review the solution

How to Get a Payday Loan for Bad Credit

Even if you have had financial trouble in the past, you can still get a loan. Many companies do not perform any credit checks, so a negative credit history does not have to stop you from getting payday loans for bad credit. Most of the time you can apply for a small loan online.

How To Apply

All you need to do to apply is to go online and fill in an application form. The forms are usually simple and take only a few moments to fill in. Because there are no credit checks, you can receive a reply to your application within minutes. Most of the time you will know within an hour or two if your application has been accepted. The money is then paid to your back account on the same working day, or latest in 48 hours. Bad Credit

You need to have a UK bank account to receive the money. Some loan providers may be able to pay by cheque, but most companies request that you should have a bank account. You will also have to agree to pay the borrowed amount back from your bank account. This is usually done by setting up a direct debit or a standing order.

You may be able to pay back in several instalments, depending on how much you borrow. However the smaller the instalments are, the more interest you might have to pay. It makes sense to pay the whole amount back as soon as you can.

Payday loans for bad credit are available for UK residents who are over the age of 18. You may have to provide some information about your income, and most loans are available for those who are in employment. If you work part-time, you might still be eligible for a loan, but the amount you can borrow is often smaller.

We’ve Got a Loan to Suit You

In a financial fluster? Sometimes, just remembering what you’re supposed to be paying and when gets just a bit too much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have one payment to cover everything?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself with an urgent bill to pay and you’re a week away from payday? How are you going to get your car fixed or replace the fridge, both essential to life as we know it? Or perhaps it’s another loan payment you really need to make? A loan until you get paid would be ideal.

short-term loanPerhaps you’re suffering with ill-health or an injury that means you can’t earn as much as you usually would, but want to maintain your lifestyle until you’re maybe literally back on your feet in a few month’s time? A loan that suited your timescales rather than the bank’s would be a perfect solution.

Whatever type of loan you’re after – payday, 12 months or long term – we’re the company for you!

We offer a selection of loans simply because we know that one solution doesn’t fit everyone. Rather than being sold the product the bank wants you to have, we pride ourselves on offering the right loan for your situation.

If you’re just after a short-term loan to cover you til you get paid, then maybe our payday loans are for you. We offer longer term loans for those bigger expenses such as cars and holidays, or to consolidate other debts, and we have 12 month ones for people who feel they can either pay it off faster or need something to tide them over a relatively shorter period.

So whatever sort of loan you need, we have the right type to help you, catering to your needs and your requirements. Don’t be sold a loan that doesn’t fit, come to us for something tailor-made!